General News of 2013-12-20

Mahama does not believe in sycophancy and nepotism

President John Dramani Mahama, incorporated within the performance bond which was attached to the appointment letters of his ministers and appointees, that there will be a performance review to ascertain the level of targets attained by the various ministries and possible restructuring in the coming year.

Though some had speculated that the non-performing ministers will find their way out of Mahama’s administration after the appraisal, Deputy Minister of Information and Media Relations, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, debunked those claims with the assurance that the President has no intention of punishing any minister.

Speaking to issues of the ministerial appraisal, a member of the Government’s Communication team, Alhaji Naziru Mohammed, however asserted on Okay Fm that the status of the ministers will be maintained based on their performance. According to him, it is the resolution of the NDC government to use the evaluation process to determine the shortcomings of the current administration and possible solutions.

He stressed that the review will put the appointees on their toes to deliver on their targets, assuring Ghanaians that the President does not believe in sycophancy and nepotism.

“…the review will strengthen the confidence level of Ghanaians in President Mahama. He wants to assure Ghanaians that he is a fulfilling President who is prepared to act on his promises; upon the performance of the ministers, any decision, which the President will make, will be accepted by the ministers after the appraisal… He does not believe in sycophancy and nepotism in his government,” he surmised.