Entertainment of 2013-12-21

Starwoz Music Festival, Miss Collegial and Zero TV launched

Last Saturday, the 14th of December 2013 at the Plush Blue Knight Hotel located at Akosombo, KlipZero Launched Starwoz Music Festival, Miss Collegial and Zero TV

The event which was strictly by invitation saw a lineup of celebrities in the Music, Modeling and Film industry's in the world in attendance.

Queen Throngkumpol a model and fashion icon currently based in the USA, Aerial Weft a model based in the USA, Andreas Bystrom a Film Producer/Director based in Sweden, Matt Pain A Film Director, Erik Salamander a Norwegian based Hip hop musician.

Some directors and share holders of KlipZero Worldwide and some personalities in the film, music and modeling industry of Ghana.

In Mr. Chris Agyemang's Address the President of KlipZero group, he mentioned that KlipZero, was first conceived in Germany in 2008, created agencies in Norway and Sweden in 2010 and created a branch in Ghana in 2012.

Though a US Citizen born to Ghanaian parents, it was his wish to come to Ghana and join in the fight of putting Ghana on the map worldwide.

He thought it was about time his outfit created something out of the ordinary made for Ghanaians, through which we would connect to the world.

He stressed that STARWOZ Music Festival, would be one of the biggest platforms for Ghanaian musicians and African musicians to exhibit their talents, it’s a festival which is one of a kind yet to experienced by Ghanaians and Africans.

Miss collegial is a beauty pageant which is different, but interesting in terms of concept, Zero TV will be aired on most of the television stations in Ghana, Africa and the world, it will be a platform for African acts especially Ghanaians to excel in their various entertainment endeavors.

Aside these, his outfit intends investing into the movie sector as well, plans are being carefully nested for that purpose

Watch out for the next big bang in Ghana.