Entertainment of 2013-12-22

You don't need negative stories to attract readers - Hammer

We all know that publicity is what a company or individual receives when something prominent happens and when the notable event is good, the publicity usually attracts new client and gives the company something to brag about in future.
Most times bad publicity is unintended, a company or individual does something they think is positive and end up getting bad reaction from people. Oscar Wilde (an Irish writer and poet): once said 'there is no such thing as bad publicity.' He explained that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
But popular Ghanaian sound engineer/producer Hammer has lamented that there is a thing call bad publicity and that bad publicity is not helping the Ghanaian entertainment industry in anyway.
Hammer who made this revelation to Flex Newspaper stated that he has been reading almost all the stories in the various entertainment newspapers, websites and also follow stories in the entertainment media.
Giving his observations about these stories, he lamented that the negative stories about the arts is over-shadowing the good ones so journalists and arts writers should try and do something about it. He added that Ghanaian entertainment journalists don't need only the negatives to attract readers, but most of the time; the positive stories also attract more readers as well.
Hammer, born Edward Nana Poku Osei, stated that the entertainment media is doing a great job and whether the industry likes it or not, the entertainment media has become a powerful tool but all he can suggest to the media is to try and work together with the artistes so together we can or help promote the industry.
“The artiste needs the entertainment media and the journalist also needs the artiste, but when it appears the media is always searching for the downfall or the bad side of the artiste, it is quite worrying,” he lamented.