Business News of 2013-12-24

NPA introduces new mechanism to check adulterated products

The days of fearing the risk of having to buy adulterated fuel could soon be a thing of the past as the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) says it is introducing a new mechanism to check altered petroleum products.
The industry regulator, NPA has stated that it will from next year introduce a chemical that will be put in the petroleum products to check the authenticity and purity.
According to the NPA, it has had to deal with some unscrupulous people who alter the products to make some unfair gains on unsuspecting victims.
Chief Executive Officer of the NPA, Moses Asaga told Citi Business News, the chemical will be in a form of dye and the results will be graded.
He said: “Normally, people want to cut corners and to make money, so they take cheaper products, mix them together and sell them as value added products. So we have introduced the marking system where when we put the dye into the track or consignment of products, when you go and discharge it and we come and have inspection or monitoring and we do our test, it will be able to identify that you have had an adulteration. It will be graded as a pass, suspect or a fail.”