Entertainment of 2013-12-24

Do Highlife musicians contribute to their neglect in the industry?

There have been so many occasions where media personnel have raised concerns about our pioneer musicians, Highlifers for not being billed to perform on various event platforms except for the Legends and Legacy, organized once every year purposely to celebrate our Ace Highlife musicians.

But is that all they need? Are they not healthy enough to perform on the same platforms with these Hiplife and Gospel artistes on these well promoted music events or even on MUSIGA events that can as well fetch them some money?

Simply put these event organizers are saying Highlifers will have to collaborate with the Hiplife musicians before they can be permitted to be on the same platforms until then it’s a no go area for our music pacesetters.

Well, as the norm of life teaches there is always a two-side to an issue. We never get to hear the side of these event organizers just because they practically don’t persuade our Highlifers to at least feel they are worth performing on their shows.

Hence, they also either feel reluctant to accept invitations to perform especially when money being paid them is not up to their worth and rather choose to honor invitations from the public to perform at festivals, naming ceremonies, weddings, parties and most especially funerals exactly where their songs are well embraced.

I had a chit chat with the ‘only never growing man’ in the music industry, Obuoba J A Adofo on why we never see him perform on events organized in the country as well as MUSIGA shows, he said “truthfully, I have received so many invitations from MUSIGA to perform on their shows but unfortunately, I am at all times already booked to perform at outdoorings, engagements and funerals therefore my inability to honor their invitations.”

According to Obuoba, in every week he is booked to perform in at least three suburbs in various regions in the country, “besides, they always pay for my performance fees in advance and since business is business, I cannot breach and disappoint them and go perform on MUSIGA shows.”

He further indicated that he does explain his reasons for his inability to perform at MUSIGA events and gracefully, they do bear with him so "it is not because of the weight of their money but also the distance is also a factor as I am always farther from Accra and I believe an agreement is an agreement."

The ‘efie nipa sei woa saa’ singer asserted that "However, it seem we the pacesetters of music in this country have no say on issues pertaining to the union and we at AMRO didn’t and still don’t support the idea of him presiding the union but we are scrutinizing him till his term is over. Nonetheless, we are unceasingly praying for God’s strength and guidance on behalf of Obour and the entire industry."

On discussion pertaining to his career, Obuoba J A Adofo noted that he can never stop singing for reasons being that "it is some sort of gifted blessing from God Almighty who always graciously provides me with ideas in creating new songs so until my death, I am never stopping singing", he humbly said.

He mentioned such songs as ‘Anansema’, ‘Kyeremah’, ‘Mesumeho’ (I cry my own cry), ‘Menye mre saa’ (I am not that weak) and ‘Ogbedengbede ye be dwane agyawo’ (Ogbedengbede, we are leaving you behind) are a few of the songs on his latest 10-track album labeled ‘Kyeremah’.

According to him, he releases at least one or two songs every year but which radio station plays them and how many of the public knows about his new songs likewise his colleague Highlifers?

This is where I draw the draperies asking if the Highlifers are outdated now or they also contribute to their not being involved in various musical events and happenings in the union.