Business News of 2013-12-25

Central Business District experiences congestion

Streets of the Central Business District of Accra were choked with vehicular and human traffic on the last day before Christmas as people prepared towards the birthday of Jesus.

The streets from Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills High Street to James Town all the way to Makola and Tudu experienced intense vehicular and human traffic as vibrant business activities took place ahead of December 25, a day Christians all over the world observe as the birthday of the Son of Man.

Pedestrians said the heavy traffic situation was as a result of traders and hawkers taking over pavements and even part of the roads.

AMA Task Force had been placed at vantage points around some part of Tudu to make sure traders did not exceed their legal trading points to allow free flow of vehicles and humans.

According to a policeman at the Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills High street, even though the traffic lights are working, officers from the Metro Transport and Traffic Units (MTTU) were directing traffic.

There were policemen on every street to direct traffic especially where there is no traffic light and monitor the activities of people to make sure that the peace enjoyed by the citizens was not disturbed or abused.