Religion of 2013-12-26

Live at peace with one another – Very Rev. Andam

The Very Reverend Christopher Andam, Minister in-charge of the Adum Wesley Cathedral, has called on Christians to show love for one another, and live in peace with all and sundry.

He said Christians should be at the forefront of the global effort to promote social harmony, remove religious intolerance and hatred, which are threats to the peace.

He expressed discomfort with the misery and pain many were suffering in some parts of the world because of sectarian violence, and urged Christians to pray for peace and stability in such areas.

The Very Rev. Andam, who was delivering the sermon at a Christmas church service in Kumasi, reminded the congregation to commit to the ideals and tenets of Methodism.

He noted that some of them had strayed from what the church stood for, and were doing things that were at variance with the norms of the church, and reminded them to re-trace their steps.