Entertainment of 2013-12-26

Fireworks @ Loud in GH Concert

The only Ghanaian dancehall concert organized by Yfm at the Accra Sports Stadium was on fire as the crowd sang along to most of the songs performed amid cheers and chants.
Despite the late start of the show, the stand of the stadium facing the stage was filled to capacity by midnight with banned fireworks from the audience blaring like it was the New Year celebration.
The concert was opened by underground dancehall artistes like Method Ranking, Viper, Luta, Buda Man, Sean Taylor, Episode and King-do. Buda Man raised eyebrows as he brings on stage three sexy bouncy ladies with Tae Kwon Do artistes who complemented his performance that included a song summoning Samini and Shatta Wale.
Episode, another underground artiste got the attention of the crowd with his energetic performance especially when he sang renditions of old dancehall music and then gave a tribute to Mandela, Nkrumah, President Mills, Bonchaka and Ronnie Coaches.
Before the main artistes made it to the stage, the audience were given a treat of Afia Schwarzenegger’s personality as she entertains the crowd in her hot pants and cap.
The first headline artiste to perform was Kaakie a little after midnight. She received a rousing cheer from her fans but failed to meet their expectations as she couldn’t catch up with the lyrical pace of her music while performing. She blamed the DJ for cutting into the music being played.
Natural Face and Jupiter respectively took to the stage to perform their popular songs with Jupiter using the live band to the awe of his fans. They both ended their performances with new songs yet to hit the market.
Stonebwoy took his turn with fire flaring behind him as he climbed the stage. The crowd gave a thunderous applause as he appealed to them with his musical performance. His introduction of lady dancers who “killed” the Alkaida dance while he was performing increased the energy of the crowd as they blared fireworks all around the Stadium.
Wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and a black flying tie, black shoes with a gold chain dangling around his neck, Bandana aka Shatta Wale received a “fire cracker welcome” from the audience with some of them ambushing the frontage of the stage holding Ghana flags and “Shatta Movement” flags.
His unending performance saw him throw money into the audience while he performed his track “make money.”
After performing about eight songs which was quite different from his performance at the Big Eruption Concert at the same venue, he confirmed his decision to his fans not to speak for long in-between his performances.
Shatta Wale adds that despite complains about his poor performance, he still receives invitations to perform all around the world and that baffles him.
After performing close to 30 songs and refusing to heed to the signal of organizers to end his performance, the PA system was unplugged. He was adamant for some minutes before he ended his performance at around 4am while Samini was waiting for his turn.
Samini gave a usually beautiful live band performance to half the crowd as some of them left after Shatta Wale’s performance thinking it was the end of the concert.