Entertainment of 2013-12-27

DJ Manny Norté & his Hennessy Artistry tour get set for Saturday

Officially DJ Manny Norté is in Ghana and ready to kick start the train of his Hennessy Artistry’s week-long holiday club-to-club dj tour starting from tomorrow, Saturday the 28th, 2013 till January 3rd, 2014.
His first call will be the Devino Club behind the SSNIT Hospital at Osu on Saturday. But for fans who will not be tired to have him on a second date in that vicinity, they will have to be in Osu again on Sunday at the Shisha Lounge and at the Firefly club inside Osu on Monday, December 30.
Already the excitement is in the air as many events are rounding off, thus giving a better time for fans to club and party alongside the man who has had the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Nas and Nelly enjoy his ability.
His message is simple; he is in town to properly give everyone a full doze of his unique experience under the auspices of Hennessy brand which is known for innovative events such as Hennessy Artistry which presents this week-long back-to-back, club-to-club tour.
With Live FM as partners, the club-to-club tour promises to deliver one of the best entertainment timeout during this period.