Politics of 2013-12-28

Afoko wishes NPP, Ghanaians well

One of the aspirants for the NPP Chairmanship position, Mr Paul Afoko, has sent a goodwill message to Ghanaians and his party in particular as the country marks Christmas and the New Year.

In a statement, Mr Afoko reminded Ghanaians and members of his party to look into the future with hope, and sustain the good working relationship that exists amongst them.

He said as the NPP continued with the process of getting the party ready for 2016, it was equally important for the party to stay united and with a common purpose to prosecute the agenda to win political power in 2016.

Already, he said the NPP had organised polling station and constituency elections throughout the country with very little challenges and was looking forward to organising the regional and national elections within the next two months.

“Whilst I want to congratulate the newly elected polling station and constituency officers, I am also entreating all the winners to reach out to losing aspirants and together work in unison to make the NPP strong, attractive and capable of winning election 2016,” he stated.

Mr Afoko also asked party supporters to get ready to put in place a national executive that would reflect the wishes and tradition of the party as a Danquah, Busia and Dombo tradition.

“In so doing, party members must adopt the New Plan for Power (NPP) which is unity, electing a neutral chairman, rebranding, repackaging, rejuvenating and recapturing power in election 2016,” he stated.

He further said as an architect of the New Plan for Power, “I will ask the party in all that it is doing to consider the coming year as crucial and put me in charge so that we can prepare the party for power and government.

“I am simply asking Ghanaians and my party to prepare for government by adopting the NPP,” he stated and declared that “we must learn our lesson of disunity that always create problems and contribute to our losing elections: we all belong to NPP and we must prepare the party for a total victory in 2016.”