Soccer News of 2013-12-28

I never exchanged words with Togbe Afede â?? Duncan

Former Hearts of Oak head coach David Duncan says he never exchanged words with the club’s Board Chairman, Togbe Afede XIV during meetings.
Addressing a press conference in Accra on Friday, Duncan revealed that even though he did not always do as he was told by the Board Chairman, he never made any disrespectful gesture towards Togbe Afede XIV
“In all our deliberations and meetings, there has never been a time when we have exchanged words. When I find that he is getting worked up, I keep quiet and that is my strategy for resolving issues.
"There has any disrespectful gesture or untoward gesture or word from me. There were times he would tell me to do something. I would say nothing at the time, but if I do not have the conviction, I would not do it. If you are telling me to do something and I don’t believe in it, trust me I would not do it, but I will not exchange words. So that was what I did and no one can accuse me of being disrespectful towards the Board Chairman.”
Duncan also noted that he was asked by the Board Chairman not to use Mahatma Otoo for a game against Wa All Stars in Wa last season because of the player’s refusal to renew his contract, but after consulting Board member Dr. Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe, he decided to use the player, adding that he had to apologise to Togbe Afede for his actions.
“There was an issue over the extension of Mahatma Otoo’s contract. In fact I inherited it. When we were going to play Wa All Stars in Wa last season, I was told to drop Mahatma Otoo because he had refused to renew his contract with the club. I found that difficult because he was the club captain and he was in excellent shape. So how do I drop such a player and risk losing the match? So I felt I couldn’t face the fans if I didn’t field him and I wouldn’t have an answer for the media if I was asked.
"So I consulted Dr Nyaho Tamakloe and he told me to go ahead to use Otoo and he would know what to tell the Board Chairman. I thought the matter would end there, but so many problems occurred because I used Otoo. Even though I thought I had shown some respect by consulting Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe, I had to apologize to the Board chairman for using Otoo for that game.”
The former Hearts of Oak head coach debunked reports that he had been asked to use striker Gilbert Fiamenyo at any time and he refused to do so.
“No, I have never at any time been told to use Fiamenyo and I can say that assertively.”
Duncan stated that he has nothing else to apologise for, adding that he still doesn’t know why his appointment with the club was terminated.
“So with this what again must I apologise for? If you ask me why my job was terminated I would not know. I haven’t communicated with the Board Chairman since October.”
He however expressed satisfaction as having been part of the Hearts of Oak family if even for a short time, adding that it is unprecedented for a coach to receive the sack and still have fans of the club agitating for his reinstatement.
“My presence at this press conference is to bid the club farewell. I have no regrets whatsoever for being part of this great family. I would like to thank the fans for their support and this situation is unprecedented when a coach gets the sack but the fans still agitate for his reinstatement.
The group that organized the press conference, “Concerned Supporters of Hearts of Oak”, led by Maxwell Asabere, presented a Plasma TV to Duncan in appreciation for his work with the club; a gesture that moved the coach to tears