Sports News of 2013-12-29

GFA knows I am stubborn in my job – Appiah

The head coach of the senior national team, the Black Stars, Kwesi Appiah says his employers at the Ghana Football Association know that he is very stubborn when it comes to taking decisions.
He told Vox Africa that because he believes in himself, he doesn’t allow anyone to dictate to him, adding that the GFA has never interfered in his work.
“The perception was that I didn’t talk and so I would be manipulated by the GFA as per team selection. If you ask officials of the GFA, they will tell you I am very stubborn. They have never interfered with my work. If you believe in yourself, you will never allow anyone to dictate to you.”
Appiah debunked the notion that he is a strict disciplinarian, but added that he always makes sure the right things are done. He confirmed reports that players in the team refer to him as the ‘silent killer’.
“I am not the strict type but I always made sure that the right things are done. If you ask the players how they refer to me, they will tell you that I am the 'silent killer'. I may be quiet off the pitch but I am a different person on the pitch and I don’t joke on the job at all.”
The ex-Black Stars revealed that he never doubted himself, adding that if Ghanaians supports indigens, there is nothing that cannot be done in any endeavor.
“I have never doubted myself. It is time we supported our own. There is nothing we cannot do. If we look down on ourselves, we cannot support our own.”