General News of 2013-12-30

Dirty plot against Seth Terkper uncovered

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) may be going through interesting times in the coming year as sinister motives hatched by the party itself against some otherwise hardworking ministers will bounce to the fore.

One minister, who is likely to be under constant attack because of upright mannerism is no other person than Mr. Seth Terkper, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.

In fact, there has been a meeting at a location in Accra (name withheld) during the Christmas Holidays involving some government appointees and some journalist on how best the attacks on the minister would commence.

The sins of the otherwise hardworking Seth Terpker is that he does not succumb to his colleague ministers who would want to circumvent how things are done.

Again, Mr. Terkper is said to be extremely meticulous that he demands lots of answers and explanations from his colleagues and other government officials before he takes action.

It is reported that he on some occasions had to turn his back against some of his colleagues because documents they presented to him were not what he expected them to present.

At the said meeting, it was discussed that Mr. Terkper should be made to look extremely bad in the media so that in case of any ministerial reshuffle, he would be changed.

It is widely believed that the peeved colleague ministers of Mr. Terkper are in league with some top officials of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in the move to sabotage the minister.

At the said meeting, it was discussed that groupings within the NDC would also be used to launch derisive attacks on the minister.

It was also discussed that some editors of some newspapers would use various platforms on radio to bastardize the minister.

In fact, the prime target of the whole agenda is for President John Mahama to be fed up with Mr. Terkper and change him accordingly.

It was discussed at length how the agenda would commence soon after the holidays because of the fact most radio stations are not into serious political programs around this period.

Interestingly, while other government appointees and ministers are enjoying their vacation, the Finance Minister is out there working for the country.

Not long ago, a group within the NDC, Media Analyst Group, started a smear campaign against the minister but failed because its agenda was exposed by some newspapers.

At the time, it was suspected that some ministers were behind the move to get Mr. Terkper out of the ministry because he would not allow his colleagues and other appointees to have their way at the ministry.