Health News of 2013-12-30

Shortage of midwives hits Tamale Hospital

Inadequate midwives is said to be adversely affecting Health care delivery at the Tamale Central Hospital in the Northern Region.

Currently, the hospital has just 20 midwives instead of the required 50 for effective health care delivery.

Speaking at the end of year get-together for staff over the weekend, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Patrick Bampoe, disclosed that the hospital risks losing almost all of its midwives if nothing was done about the situation.

He described as worrying, the enormous pressure under which the few midwives have had to work because the hospital is not getting adequate replacements for those who have gone on retirement.

"Most of them are within the ages of 55 getting to 60 2012 two of them went on retirement, 2013, two went on retirement [and] from next year about four or five of them are going on retirement".

According to him, the staff are unable to concentrate on their job as one person is now performing the tasks of three midwives due to the shortage.

"Some of them come to work at 8: [in the morning] and close at 8 in the evening whilst they were supposed to close at 2: pm," Dr. Bampoe lamented.

He said the hospital is facing similar challenges at the pharmacy and laboratory departments which are understaffed.