Business News of 2014-01-01

SSNIT Pensioners to renew life certificates every 3 years

The National Pensioners Association has hailed the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) for the change of time-frame for completing the Pensioners Life Certificate.

SSNIT has therefore directed that with effect from January 2, all SSINT pensioners aged 72 years and above under the PNDC law 247, and all those 75 years and above under Act 766, are to complete the Pensioners Life Certificate once every three years.

The twice yearly registration for the pensioners’ life certificate has been changed to once every three years, Mr Edward Ameyibor, General Secretary of SSNIT Pensioners Association said.

Mr Ameyibor noted that the new modalities would reduce the pressure on members to struggle to SSNIT offices to complete the form every six months.

The Life Certificate introduced by SSNIT affords pensioners the right to continue to enjoy the monthly pay benefits till death.

He said the life certificates also serve as records on all living pensioners and enabled them to continue to enjoy their benefits.

“A lot of the pensioners were very happy and comfortable with the system when we talked to them about the new method, because they saw the old method very cumbersome.” he added.

According to SSNIT, the new directive was to reduce the frequent visits to its offices by pensioners to complete the form; and alleviate the hardships they go through to complete the form.

SSNIT added that Pensioners under PNDC 247’s first life certificate will be completed at age 72, and subsequently at age 75, 78, 81 and beyond whilst those under Act 766 will first complete the form at age 75, and subsequently at age 78, 81, and beyond.

SSNIT will now visit pensioners in their homes for the completion of the Life certificates as well as update their contact information.