Regional News of 2014-01-04

Ghanaians advised adopt European safety practices

A safety expert, Nana Annor Amihere, has lashed out at Ghanaians for selectively emulating the lifestyles of Europeans, and ignoring important habits such as their safety practices.

He told Joy News on Friday that when it comes to the issue of development, society regrettably thinks about infrastructural development, forgetting that human development also counts.

He was reacting to reports that doctors at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital are alarmed at the increasing cases of domestic accidents in which children suffer severe burns.

The hospital’s Burns Unit says it has since 2008 recorded close to 90 cases of severe burns from hot liquids such as soup and water. The hospital recorded 27 cases in 2013, up from 13 incidents in 2012, and blamed parents for being negligent..

However, according to the safety expert, it was not surprising that the nation is having these cases.

He said over the years, Ghanaians have been “trying to mimic the lifestyle of the Europeans and not their safety practices that goes with their lifestyle”.

He therefore appealed to parents to make it a point to always put things out of the reach of their children.

Nana Annor Amihere said as a tropical country, people mainly do their things outdoors, where damage caused by combustible substances are limited or minimal. But now that people are adopting indoor lifestyles, he said, they sometimes ignorantly keep combustible materials indoors without the necessary safety measures.

He cited instances where LPG cylinders that are supposed to be kept outside are being kept indoors to avoid theft to the detriment of life in case of an outbreak of fire.

Nana Annor Amihere further noted that modern buildings are also fitted with burglar proofs ostensibly to protect inhabitants from thieves, but ironically, this same protective measure prevents them from escaping, in case of a fire outbreak.

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