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Comment: Genetic Modified food is a trap to Africa

Genetically Modified Organisms throughout agriculture that is recently introduced to Ghana is a trap on to Africa. John Mahama should wake up and reject those GMO agriculture and save mother Ghana.

What is so frightening about Engdahls vision of the world is that it is so real. Although our civilization has been built on humanistic ideals, in this new age of free marketsĀ, everything science, commerce, agriculture and even seeds have become weapons in the hands of a few global corporation barons and their political fellow travelers.

To achieve world domination, they no longer rely on bayonet-wielding soldiers. All they need is to control food production. (Dr. Arpad Pusztai, biochemist, formerly of the Rowett Research Institute, Scotland)

If you want to learn about the socio-political agenda why biotech corporations insist on spreading GMO seeds around the World you should read this carefully researched book. You will learn how these corporations want to achieve control over all mankind, and why we must resist (Marijan Jost, Professor of Genetics, Krizevci, Croatia)

The book reads like a murder mystery of an incredible dimension, in which four giant Anglo-American agribusiness conglomerates have no hesitation to use GMO to gain control over our very means of subsistence.

Anton Moser,

Professor of Biotechnology,

Graz, Austria.

Source: Anton Moser
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