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Tabiri brothers release ‘Obonsam Taxi’

Some people speak in tongues as proof of having become ‘born again’, but for the brothers, Evangelist Kwame Yeboah Tabiri and Businessman Ashton Oppong Tabiri, their expression of transformation has been through singing - gospel songs that is.

The duo has accordingly released an album titled Obonsam Taxi, in indirect recognition of their ‘new statuses. The toe-tapping and danceable rendition of songs exhorts the Almighty God for his awesome and extraordinary mercies.

In all, the album contains ten songs - eight musical compositions and two instrumentals. Songs on the album include Odiyanim, obonsam taxi, papa ye, alagagyitor seina and odiyenim remix. Others are abandenden, atemudano and nkontompo. The songs, abandenden and atemudano have their instrumentals version also on the album.

Speaking on behalf of the two artistes, Aston Oppong Tabiri said before their present situation, they had engaged in all manner of vices, including womanizing, drinking, clubbing and other such immoral practices without being aware that they were spiritually in a chartered (dropping) taxi driven by the devil (Obonsam Taxi).

“When we came to ourselves, we decided to alight from the taxi and lead upright and moral lives from now on,” he said.

According to Ashton, God in his own infinite wisdom had decided to use them to spread the message of the gospel through songs and there was no turning back to their old and sinful ways.

The Tabiri brothers expressed the hope that their maiden album would leave lasting impressions in the mind of listeners to make them yearn for more.

Source: Jojo Sam
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