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NPP slams Rawlings: You're no Angel, emulate Kufuor

The main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has urged former President Jerry Rawlings to learn a little statesmanship by emulating his successor John Kufuor.
“Ghanaians are witnesses to the conduct of Mr Kufour since leaving office in 2009, the statesmanship, initiative, the international recognition, level headedness and the finesse with which he has handled life after the presidency. We urge Mr Rawlings to also show some statesmanship and exercise restraint in his public outburst, not only against Mr Kufour but all leaders of our country”, the party said in a statement signed by party Chairman Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey.
The reaction comes on the heels of Mr Rawlings recent attack on Mr Kufuor as an “autocratic thief” who “stole massively” from state coffers during his two-term tenure in office.
The Party described as disgusting, the former Military Leader’s constant attacks on Mr Kufuor.
“The NPP is disgusted at the constant insults and attacks from former President Rawlings on the person of former President John Agyekum Kufuor”, the statement said.
It noted that while Mr Kufuor may not be immune to criticism, “we however find it highly unbecoming, mischievous and provocative that Mr. Rawlings, a former military leader, later head of state, who should naturally be wearing the shoes of statesmanship, is deliberately and unruly casting unjustified insinuations and insults on his colleague”.
Comparing the separate two-term tenures of the two former President’s, the NPP said: “Former President Kufour’s track record in the 8 years of his presidency saw steady growth and a systematic change in our fortunes and achieving middle income status as a nation”.
In contrast, it noted that: “…The era of Mr Rawlings presidency saw a leap in the fortunes of countries around the world such as China, Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil some of whom sent experts to Ghana to learn from us. Ghana lost out on the opportunity in those 19 years of achieving middle income and building a foundation for a kind of take off that would have put the fortunes of this country when Mr Kufour and the NPP took over from Mr Rawlings in 2001 at unprecedented levels”.
The party says Mr Rawlings is a pot calling the kettle black.
“Mr Rawlings behaves and talks like an angel and a judge of humanity when his 19-year rule was inundated with atrocities and unbeatably dark days in the history of our country”.
The statement further noted that: “During the rule of former president Rawlings, so many lives were lost and up till now lives that were lost have not been accounted for. The murdered judges, ordinary citizens, businessmen, market women under his regime were murdered, tortured and humiliated. Whilst some fled to far and near lands he and his cronies autocratically held this nation ransom and dissipated our resources. The culture of silence, curtailed freedoms and lack of dignity were the hallmark of his years in power”.
“Even under what he describes as worst government, Ghanaians were free to express themselves on how the government should manage the state purse and the criminal libel law was repealed. One is baffled at times as to what the real issues are when Mr. Rawlings speaks”, the statement said.
The NPP therefore said: “It is a pity that Mr Rawlings who Ghanaians have forgiven despite years of loss of lives and property, and for the incarcerations inflicted on friends and relatives by his regime, is now calling someone who brought HOPE to Ghanaian all kinds of names”.
“We are calling on Former President Rawlings to allow Ghanaians to be judges of the various regimes that have had the opportunity to run this country and stop acting pious and being the judge whilst calling others unpalatable names.
Source: radioxyzonline
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