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Too much talk will not stop corruption - Goozie says

As the government and civil society try to find the panacea to crushing corruption whether perceived or real; the founder of the National Reform Party (NRP), Goozie Tanoh says the solution to rid the canker is through strong leadership and the building of strong institutions.

He called for the harmonization and consolidation of these recipes - strong leadership, and examples of that leadership and the building of strong institutions to pursue, crush and totally exterminate this canker from the Ghanaian society.

Goozie Obuadom Tanoh was a staunch member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) before he broke away to form his own party in 2000.

He tells myradiogoldonline “you can talk all you like but unless you build the institutional structures, good leadership, the psychology, content and ambition to develop, which sees corruption as a threat to development, we will talk amiss.’’

The founder of the NRP called on Ghanaians to exercise good judgement to put an end to loud outbursts and blame game, and rather focus on offering constructive and ingenious ideas to combat corruption.

Goozie Tanoh said “one of the things we must imbue in ourselves and the upcoming generation is the fact that you can get paid for an honest job; not any more than that.”

According to him, the state will benefit if it kept its focus on streamlined strategies, remained ambitious and exercised commitment to achieve social justice.

As to whether or not the policies being put in place by the Mahama administration are good enough to fight corruption, Mr. Tanoh says that “I have seen some efforts being made and I do hope that they are sustained, because it’s in the right direction.”

Source: Samuel Ablordeppey
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