Diasporian News of 2014-01-11

RE: Agitations In NPP USA Have NDC Roots-

Our attention has been drawn to an article as captioned above published in the Diaspora news section of Ghanaweb on January 7, 2014 and authored by “Softhroat”. While the subject of “agitations in NPP-USA” and for that matter NPP at large would not surprise any reader, the writer poorly attempted to lay the blame at the doorstep of NDC. That the underhand dealings leading into their recently held congress in Charlotte, NC, had the financial sponsorship from the NDC National Organizer, Mr Yaw Boateng Gyan. Our question is this: So Wofa Boateng Gyan and his outfit within the NDC, who clearly cannot be concerned about NPP-USA, and in fact, do not see any serious threat that even NPP-USA’s mother organization in Ghana poses, would find reasons to spend money sponsoring candidates within its overseas branches who do not matter at all in the schemes of things in Ghana. Twea kai! NDC Atlanta can only ridicule this allegation of “Softhroat” and others who think like them. We will not spend the time attempting to refute this allegation as it can only be assigned to the trash bin it belongs. And no evidence can be found by the writers to support the folktale told in their write-up. We don’t think it is the Great NDC who asks your chairman not to call for congress in 5 years. We don’t think it is the Great NDC who gave your chairman $9600 to pay some people’s dues. As Softhroat would agree, searching for information including people’s accounts in this global village and in our contemporary information technology era cannot be difficult to find. We live in Georgia, and we can challenge Softhroat that their claim relative to some Wells Fargo Bank account into which money was deposited is a hoax. NPP should remember we are all one family and we wish no bad omen for them. We need to build cordial relationship among ourselves in the Diaspora. Others need to learn from NDC-Atlanta and NPP-Atlanta who came together recently to pray and worship before the verdict on the election petition. We have come to realize that NPP is good in opposition, where they rightly belong. As NDC is working very hard in their various units, constituencies, branches, and chapters preparing towards good governance and what matters to the people of Ghana, NPP is engaged in in-fighting for political space, and making noise on Merchant Bank in frivolous attempt to cast slur on the President and his family. We expect no more election petition from them when NDC’s mandate is returned in 2016. Ghanaians will never forget that the NPP, and for that matter the UP tradition, has never accepted an election defeat; never in the history of Ghana. No! The Great NDC can only advise the corrupt executives of NPP-USA to adhere to their own by-laws. By NDC Atlanta eyezuatlanta@gmail.com 678-497-6927Source: NDC Atlanta
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