Regional News of 2014-01-11

Over 1.5 million cards still with NIA

The National Identification Authority (NIA) is calling on the general public to pick up their national identification cards from the institution.

The national identity card issued by the National Identification Authority (NIA) is the property of the Government of Ghana.

It is a national initiative by the Government of Ghana aimed at providing the public with added convenience and ease when conducting transactions with government and public sector institutions, civil society organisations and private sector businesses. It bears personal information about the individual.

Currently, the NHIA has over 1.5 million identification cards which owners have refused to pick up.

Speaking to Citi News Director of Public Affairs at the NIA, Bertha Dzeble says the authority is looking to “adopt a new approach” to distribute the cards.

She mentioned that the exercise which took place in 2009 captured over 15 million Ghanaians in its national data with the exception of the Bunprugu-Yonyoo district of the Northern Region.

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