General News of 2014-01-11

Rawlings must declare his source of wealth - NPP Group

A pro opposition group is challenging ex-President Rawlings to openly declare his assets and source of wealth.
Mr. Rawlings has, on several occasions, leveled corruption allegations against ex-President Kufuor and his government during their eight years in office.
At a recent speech in the Volta region, ex-President Rawlings described his successor John Kufuor as an “autocratic thief”.
“When people get up, they wanna create the impression to you the young ones as if the corruption started with this man, the young man, John Mahama, no, it started with Kufuor and that’s why I said Kufuor was an autocratic thief,” Mr. Rawlings said.
But the Convenor of the NPP Youth for 2016 in an interview with XYZ NEWS said Mr. Rawlings must declare his source of wealth to justify his moral locus to question the credibility or otherwise of others.
Source: XYZ
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