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Kwaw Kesse lacks manners - Kontihene

Just when we thought everybody would start the year with a clean heart and no misunderstanding, it looks like Kontihene of “Migi zigi” is not ready to allow sleeping dogs lie as he described Kwaw Kesse as “stupid” and that the long beef between him and Kwaw Kesse has just started.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay fm, Kontihene laid emphasize on the fact that he is from a well trained home whilst Kwaw Kesse is not.

In an answer to why Kontihene would make such declarations, he said “I am wiser than him, I am more presentable as well as more educated, our way of dressing is even different and on top of it, I am more handsome then he is”.

“Kwaw Kesse is no friend of mine and we cannot be friends and I come from a home where manners are our hallmark” he added.

About 7 years ago, Kwaw Kesse said Kontihene’s raps are always not up to his verses. It’s like he is always short of words he is wack, and listening to Kontihene’s submission on the Ekwanso dwodwo show, it is no doubt that he has kept it in him for a long time and was just looking for an opportunity to give Kwaw Kesse a taste of his own medicine.

All efforts to reach Kwaw Kesse tell his side of the story and look at the way forward to make peace reign between the two proved futile. One cannot tell if it is also a stunt to promote his album “Munumkum” or Kwaw Kesse is also cooking another single that will hit the market soon as from the look of things that is the only way celebrities think they can remain relevant.

On the other hand, it is our prayer that if indeed it is true that there is a misunderstanding, they should try and sought things out as it is not healthy for our entertainment industry.

Source: Delali Sika
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