Diasporian News of 2014-01-13

Ghana study-abroad trip has yet to meet minimum requirement

A new University of Florida(UF) study abroad program faces cancellation if the minimum number of students is not met by Feb. 2.

The UF in Ghana trip is struggling to register the 10-student minimum required to proceed with the trip by the deadline.

The first study-abroad trip for the new African-American studies major is scheduled for June 10 to June 22 to the West African country of Ghana.

Patricia Hilliard-Nunn, trip director and a lecturer in African-American studies, said the trip was created to give students a new perspective on African influence in African-American culture and vice versa.

“There is a lot to learn,” Hilliard-Nunn said.

Hilliard-Nunn said students may be hesitant to apply because they are unaware their financial aid would apply to a Spring-extended trip.

Danisha Baro, a 20-year-old UF psychology and African-American studies junior, said she looked forward to “being immersed in the culture.”

She said she was hoping to finance her trip with scholarships but later felt the trip was too rushed and left her without time to fundraise.

Source: alligator.org
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