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London Summit: Africa Real Estate Investors asking for more

Property investment, as the saying goes, cannot let you down. As an investment vehicle, savvy investors have often seen property as a safe investment along with other investment vehicles such as shares and bonds. With property, you can see, feel and touch, unlike many other investments.
With the major economies in Europe and US suffering financial setbacks, so was their property markets, though they are picking up gradually. While the boom was turning into bust, other emerging markets were shoring up their property markets. Today, most property investors have acquired huge investment portfolios in Dubai and other emerging markets, including Africa.
Launched in September last year, Property Investor Africa is spearheading the drive for investors to look at Africa real estate as an investors’ haven. With 6 of the fastest growing economies in the World in 2012 and 2013, Africa’s economies are transforming in leaps and bounds. The need for commercial property – office accommodation, retail or shopping malls, hotels (and resorts), and public buildings – have become critical. So is the need for affordable homes, student accommodation and luxury homes for an emerging and growing middle class.
African real estate is rapidly becoming one of the most lucrative markets for potential investors, with many countries within the continent producing yields in excess of 10% per annum, of the original investment.
At the European Property Awards event held at Grosvenor Hotel in London, Property Investor’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Oppong, hosted a Round-table discussion to investors about Africa’s real estate industry. This was attended by lots of investors, many of whom have been yearning to go to Africa and find out investment opportunities there. The conclusion from the discussion was that investors from all over the world needed to be informed about the risks and opportunities available in Africa’s real estate industry.
The property Investor Africa Summit scheduled for May in London addresses this need. The over-arching aim is to bring developers from Africa to meet up with potential investors, financial institutions and businesses in the supply chain. In fact, this is what the online platform: seeks to provide. This is the first time that an investment summit of this nature will bring together the world’s top experts in real estate investments, finance, etc., together under one roof, in Europe, for the first time. A similar event is being planned for the US and Canada markets in November 2014.
There are opportunities for companies to sponsor this event. There are also opportunities to promote and showcase your company to a world-wide audience, by taking up Seminar presentation spots or hosting a Round-table to present your company’s products and services. There is also limited space for Exhibitors to showcase their products and services.
For sponsorship opportunities, seminar presentation, hosting a round-table or exhibition, please emails the events team: or visit:
Source: Property Investment Africa
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