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Rahim Banda speaks

Ghana's star-kid Rahim Banda has confessed that it was his dad whom opened the way to stardom to him. Rahim told CMN that though he had interest in acting, never knew it could land him this far except for his dad. He owes his dad for all the favour done him. In case you don't know his dad, he's Mr. Ahmed Banda, CEO of Bandex Production.

Roughly three years ago Rahim started his acting career. He happened to be the youngest actor of the luminary. Furthermore, he was able to pick his first award at age 12 with the movie "Wipe my Tears" as Best Actor in a Supporting Role category amidst nominations in other categories as well. An earlier claims has said that he has prospects of picking the Best Actor category one day.

Despite, the industry posed some defects at the preliminary stages. He was shrouded with nervity while shooting his debut "Masters of the Game". He described it as very "scarry and challenging". Onwards, he was able to tune in his artistic skills and made execution of roles in movies including: Behind the Mask, Jimmy, Isha, John Obama among others.

Moreover, he had also stated his movie making career is no threat to his education since he shoots only on vacations. Most of his movies come from his dad's Bandex Production. Also turns down other movie offers from other producers, for the sake of education.

Upon asking him about how it feels to be a star, he proudly exclaims "well, all attention is given to you. It all depends on how you take it". When one becomes a star or public eye, he/she is expected to be disciplined, courteous and infact possess all the good qualities of life since everyone looks up to you.

In his latter message to his fans, he had urged all to take education seriously and "always believe in your dream. Education is key dream for all" - he stated.

Source: Felix Acquaye
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