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Agya Koo’s arrogance has caused his downfall in the industry - Producer

According to Agya Koo, Producers did not cast him throughout 2013 because his charges are exorbitant. The Producer in question who double as the CEO of Peace and Love Productions, Daniel K. Sarfo Tyson has responded after the story went viral last week.
Following up on the story, Nana Kwame, the host of OC Showbiz Review on Skyy Power 93.5, a Radio Station in Takoradi interviewed the CEO of the Production House mentioned by Agya Koo; Peace and Love Productions. In an interview with Mr. Sarfo Tyson, he divulged that, all Agya Koo said are lies.
The Producer said Agya Koo is egocentric and very arrogant and that is causing his ‘demise’ in the industry, not his ‘meat pie price.’
“Can you imagine he comes on set and tells us he has important things to attend to so he has to leave when he has not finished shooting his part? We keep begging him all the time to finish his part before he leaves but he mostly leave saying he has important things to attend to”
“A movie like ‘For girls,’ he did not finish his part and left. He said he had personal things to attend to and left. We pleaded he finish before leaving but he just left”
Further asserting, Mr. Tyson said “If Agya Koo says he made Kumasi movies and Producers popular, then he is ungrateful and a liar. And it is untrue he was paid after shooting ‘Bumper to Bumper’, it is not true.”
Source: 233Times
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