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Abandoning teaching for acting was a risk - Emelia Brobbey

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey has for the first time disclosed her greatest risk so far was sticking to acting and temporarily laying down her tools as a trained teacher.
Emelia Brobbey who until her debut as an actress in 2001 worked as a professionally trained teacher in an interview with NY DJ on Homestretch Bumper to Bumper on Kapital Radio explained her passion for acting took her away from the classroom although she believes she is still in the teaching profession as a lot of people pick up lessons through her movies.
“I taught for 3 years and later had the opportunity to act which I took. It was a risk though because 13 years ago, the Ghanaian Movie Industry was not rich as it is now; rich as in Ghanaians loving and buying our own movies, we didn’t have more producers investing in it and actors did not earn much as we do now.”
Asked whether was she intends going back to the classroom especially when Ghanaian teachers are enjoying the single spine salary scheme, Emelia in a jovial manner disclosed her motivation has never been money but the love to impact positively on the younger generation.
Furthering her conversation on teaching, Emelia Brobbey disclosed she could move back to the classroom just when the moment was right.
Source: Ebenezer Donkoh-nydjlive
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