Diasporian News of 2014-01-18

History made in Germany

History, it is often said is made by people who are prepared to challenge the status quo, question certain perceptions and entrenched positions and venture into the unknown. And when it comes to breaking new grounds and setting new political standards the New Patriotic Party in Germany has always provided the lead. In 2010 NPP Germany set the pace by electing a woman as its National Organiser, the first of its kind in the 23 year history of the NPP. On January 11 2014, NPP Germany once again set yet another record when it elected Mr Alhassan Yakubu Tali, as Chairman of NPP-Germany, the first Northerner to lead an External Branch of the party. In a rather emotional speech, Mr Alhassan Tali noted that those who have tried to portray the NPP as an Akan party have been proved wrong because NPP Germany has sent a clear message that when it comes to electing leaders, competence and the ability to provide the needed leadership are what matter not ones ethnic background. He added “with more than 95 percent southerners, you the delegates have voted massively for a Northerner to be the first Non-Akan chairman of an external branch” He reminded party supporters that the victory will only be complete if the NPP takes over the Jubilee House in 2016 saying that although the road may be steep, sometimes with bumps and road blocks he had no doubt that the NPP will get to the Jubilee house if all rally behind whoever becomes the party’s flag bearer. “We need to get to the jubilee house not because we built it but because our country is crying for us to get there” According to him, no one needs to be reminded of the hardships the ordinary Ghanaian is going through as a direct consequence of the incompetence of the NDC government which by all standards has been the worst government ever to rule Ghana. The NDC government, he stated, is slowly dragging Ghana back into HIPC and explained that the Mahama-led government has borrowed so much in the last five years but has very little to show in terms of improving the economy or infrastructural projects. Vast amounts of the money borrowed are not being put into good use but have ended up in the private pockets of government officials and NDC functionaries he disclosed. Mr Alhassan Tali expressed disappointment at the high level of corruption, the depreciation of the cedi against major currencies, high utility tariffs, growing unemployment and crumbling infrastructure and said all these point to the lack of leadership and the inability to manage the economy arguing that all these have negative impact on business outlook and investor confidence in the Ghanaian economy. To make matters, worse, the NDC government has removed most of the safety nets and social intervention programmes put in place by the NPP government under President Kuffour, the chairman pointed out. The NHIS has crumbled, the school feeding programme has become dysfunctional and schools in most parts of the country remain closed due to government failure to pay feeding subsidy. Mr Alhassan reminded all Ghanaians of a statement made by Nana Akuffo-Addo in 2012 when he said “GOD DID NOT PUT US ON THIS RICH LAND TO BE POOR” Communications TeamSource: NPP-Germany
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