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Govt lauded for cancelling GYEEDA contracts

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has lauded government’s cancellation of some contracts between Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Development Agency (GYEEDA) and some service providers.

A statement signed by the CPR Executive Director, Gloria Edusei, and copied to Ghana News Agency, said the centre welcomed the development because it believed it was in the best interest of Ghanaians.

It explained that the committee which investigated the GYEEDA saga revealed a total breakdown of systems at the agency, including the neglect of due process in awarding some contracts to service providers.

“In an era where austerity measures are being implemented to cut down government expenditure and to ensure value for money, it is only proper that such measures are taken to right the wrong,” the statement added.

It revealed that the centre had found out that negotiations were ongoing in order to ensure that monies paid to certain service providers for no work done were refunded to the state.

The statement said the centre also observed the impatience of Ghanaians to see quick results in terms of the prosecution of culprits in the GYEEDA saga as well as refund of monies wrongly paid.

It cautioned government to hasten slowly in this regard since any rush to get people jailed might result in miscarriage of justice.

The statement added that in this era of rule of law, citizens ought to believe in state institutions in order to offer them the necessary support and allow them to do their work.

It recommended that the nation should not gloss over the rules of natural justice, thereby making people guilty until proven innocent.

It urged government to follow due process and to also remain focused in dealing with the GYEEDA issue tactfully, so as to allow relevant institutions to work without putting undue pressure on them.

The statement urged government to regularly provide information to the public on the progress it was making in resolving the GYEEDA issues.

The centre is of the view that the fight against corruption must be holistic. Thus, it must begin from homes to the various workplaces where people pay or receive bribes on a daily basis just to obtain favours.

On that note, the centre urged all citizens, civil society organisations and the media to remain vigilant and join the fight against corruption (in its various forms) in the country.

Source: GNA
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