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Is “Tonga” on the lifeline for VGMA 2014?

Arguably, the hottest song of the moment is “Tonga” by Joey B, featuring Sarkodie. The song has been very popular especially after its release in the mid of December when the Christmas festivities were rife.

The song has received some condemnations due to its lyrical content which seemingly smacks of some sexually explicit words.

While people are referring to the word “Tonga” in a metaphorical sense as representing the Vagina, the owner of the song, Joey B, says it is an acronym for “The Only Nice Girl Around”.

A report in the media indicated that some radio stations in Takoradi have banned the airplay of “Tonga” due to its lyrical content. Meanwhile, Joey B keeps defending the lyrics of the song even though the report says he agreed to release an edited version for radio.

The Point

At the press launch of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2014, Mrs. Theresa Ayoade who is the Executive Director of Charter House emphatically said they would only reward music that is morally sound i.e. they would reject every song that has sexually explicit or violent lyrics.

She added that their mandate is to endorse songs and it is the right thing to do in order to promote the industry.

When it comes to Tonga, there are two questions involved. Is the Board going to examine the lyrics literally for sexually explicit words to disqualify it or are they going to make inferences as the public is doing except Joey B?

Mrs. Ayoade didn’t just end there, she advised musicians to create radio edit songs to make it through the nominations.

What if the DJs play the “explicit” song from December till date and then an unknown lyrically edited version with its originality maintained, is entered tomorrow, is it going to be considered objectively over the unedited one for nomination?

If it would be considered, then why not create a radio edit version and avoid the controversies while winning the awards.

Source: Ismail Akwei-GhanaWeb
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