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Radio Stations in Takoradi sanction against the play of ‘Tonga’

Though it is the hit song in Ghana now, some media houses in Takoradi have placed sanction on the playing of ‘Tonga’ on their airwaves.
This was revealed to the composer Joey B on OC Showbiz Review (Skyy Power 93.5) last Saturday when Nana Kwame the Master Planner interviewed him.
Joey B who sounded shocked as to why his savior song is restricted in Takoradi asked “aden tin a monntumi mmbo? Accra, Radio biaa 3b)”, translated in English “why and what is preventing you from playing when in Accra every Radio Station is playing? The host of the show, Nana Kwame schooled the momposer on some explicitness in his ribald song.
Admitting how vulgar it is, Joey B promised to come out this week with the radio edit version of the song.
In his own words “s3 3nny3 bibi boni biaa but saa part no p3 na ay3 s3….” Nana Kwame who wasn’t pleased with the Black Avenue Music progeny describing the stanza as ‘p3’ further pressed “you think it’s ‘p3’ (only) when it might and will not be ‘p3’ to many?” was answered by Joey B “ok I will bring a radio edit version of the song this week.” The interview was done in Twi.
According to Joey B, ‘Tonga’ is an acronym for ‘The Only Nice Girl Around’ and not the bawdy meaning around.
Source: 233Times
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