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Komla was cut for excellence - Sir Sam Jonah

Global business icon, Sir Sam Jonah has described the late Komla Dumor as a complete professional who brought unparalleled excellence into his work.
The former Chairman of Anglogold Ashanti stated on Joy FM Tuesday that, the professionalism with which the former Joy FM/BBC star handled his job, made him distinct from his peers.
Forty-one-year-old Dumor, until his untimely demise last Saturday at his London home, was the host of BBC's "Focus on Africa" magazine programme and one of the "BBC World" lead presenters.
"It was a delight to watch this young man [Dumor] flourish...he was courageous, he was not daunted...he was natural," Sir Jonah told Bernard Nasara Saibu, co-host of the Super Morning Show on Joy FM.
"He pushed himself to the limit in his quest for excellence," he added.
According to him, Komla's "fine experience" at the BBC should encourage many young talents to aspire to greater heights.
"Komla's fine experience at BBC has done a few things...another glass ceiling has been shattered- an African can be an ace broadcaster being a major presenter on BBC. What he has done is that it has embolden the many budding talents in Africa that needed the example of Komla.
"Never mind your geography, never mind your birth place, never mind your birth circumstances; seek excellence and when you've achieved it, the world takes note...and that recognition would come; it will be unenforced," Dr. Jonah advised.
He revealed that the late Dumor was very close to him to the extent that he [Komla] consulted him regularly in all his [professional and personal] decisions. He described Dumor as "an irreplaceable member of my family".
"Komla was very much a son of mine in more ways than one..I was proud that he considered me a mentor... I don't understand why Komla would go at 41," he stated.
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