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NPP Youth Organisers reject tribal politics

A parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2012 election and a National Youth Organizer aspirant of the party, Mr. Pius Enam Hadzide, has come under a barrage of criticisms and condemnations from certain NPP constituency youth organisers across the country.

According to the youth organisers, Mr. Enam Hadzide’s recent political campaign for the youth organiser position in the party has been characterised with a series of personality attacks on his opponents and tribal politics.

They maintained that unlike other aspiring youth organisers, Mr. Enam Hadzide has waged serious tribal politics, a development they believe could derail the political fortunes of the party if not checked immediately.

Mr. Enam Hadzide received the criticisms and the condemnations from party faithful and constituency youth organisers from Tema West, Tema East, Ashiaman and Ada areas when as part of his political campaign, he declared openly that he is a Voltarian and therefore they should vote for him.

The agitated constituency youth organisers, whose single objective is to unify the party on all fronts to recapture power in 2016, asked him to wage an issue-based campaign rather than resorting to personality attacks and waging tribal politics.

The Youth Organiser for Tema East, Appiah Kubi, who is a Voltarian, said Mr. Enam Hadzide’s campaign based on tribal politics would not help the party to recapture power for which reason he must be advised to campaign on competence and what he can contribute to the development of the party.

He stressed that Mr. Enam Hadzide is not the only person campaigning for a position in the party and that if other personalities and aspirants adopt tribal politics and character assassination in their campaign, what would be the end result of the party.

The Tema West Youth Organiser, Joseph Boaben Twemasi, asked Mr. Enam Hadzide to wage a campaign that would transform the party for victory in the 2016 elections and stop tribal campaigning, saying that issue-based campaign and unity is what the party needs most for 2016 election victory.

Mr. Enam Hadzide has acknowledged the criticisms and promised to desists from it but later repeated attacks on his opponents in Takoradi in the Western region recently.

Source: Ghanaian Observer
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