General News of 2014-01-26

Ghana is on the right path, Mahama assures in first blog of year

My fellow Ghanaians,
Since this is my first blog post in 2014, please let me start by wishing you all - Happy New Year! I hope that 2014 will bring in your lives the first harvest of the fruits our government sowed in 2013.
I know you had a difficult year. I know that financial problems may seem a neverending story and I can feel your uncertainty. I know very well the money worries that burden your minds and I understand the doubts regarding the future. That is why I want to tell you: Ghana is on the right path.
This doesn't refer only to our firm democracy, which is a priceless treasure in such a tormented world. This is also about the way we positioned ourselves on the global agenda. This is about understanding the African trends and Africa's role in this century.
Mankind will struggle for energy and primary resources: water and food. From this perspective, Africa will become more and more important, will attract more and more top multinational companies and will be treated as the world's barely used fountain. They will all come here.
That is why, knowing the way we are perceived in the subtle world of diplomacy, I remind you: Ghana is on the right path.
We`ve made significant steps for the budget discipline, so the private firms and the state institutions can work on a solid ground. We`ve proved ourselves reliable partners for the various foreign investors. We`ve focused on creating a secure environment and reaching international standards. We are surrounded by many vulnerable countries, so we have to join efforts, because there can be no national stability without a regional approach.
We think not only for today; we foresee the happy country our children and grandchildren will expect to live in. We`ve set our hearts and minds in the future. This is the only way of building a healthy and sustainable economy.
So scatter your doubts and don`t allow uncertainty to enter your souls. Ghana is on the right path.
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