Boxing News of 2014-01-26

We must knock Ray Quarcoo out

– Solomon Otoo warns

Ghana Amateur Boxing Federation (GABF) President, Ray Quarcoo must not be reelected into office when his term expires in three months, according to Solomon Otoo Lartey, Organiser of the Greater Accra Amateur Boxing Association (GAABA).

Ambassador Ray Qurcoo took office on 27th May 2010 after going unopposed and accordingly, the 4-year mandate supposedly expires come April this year. Elections must then be held again to elect new officers to be in charge of running amateur boxing in this country. And Otoo Lartey who has served amateur boxing for over 15 years, says Mr. Quarcoo must be voted out.

“He has spoilt amateur boxing, it’s been downhill since he took over and unless we remove him and replace him with a more committed and hardworking Chairman, boxing will not develop in this country because amateur prepares boxers for professional careers. It’s the most important stage of a boxer’s career,” Otoo Lartey said. “First of all, we used to have 1st and second teams for the national team, Black Bombers and also first team and second team in Greater Accra Amateur boxing. Both the Black Bombers and Greater Accra team then meet to finally select the best team to go and represent Ghana at major tournaments. I’m talking about the days of Raymond Narh, Anyetei Laryea, Joseph Agbeko and many others,” the GAABA Organiser added.

He continued: “Everybody knows that Ray Quarcoo is not the right man for amateur boxing in Ghana. The likes of Azumah Nelson, Teddy Lamptey, S.K. Antwi, Ike Bazooka Quartey all know that Ray Quarcoo is not good but they are all sitting down for amateur boxing to collapse.”

Mr. Otoo Lartey has therefore appealed to all boxing stakeholders to come together and kick the current GABF President out and voted competent leaders to take over. He is also appealing to the National Sports Authority to release dates for the next GABF elections which must be held before May.

“We are therefore appealing to the National Sports Authority to issue letters to the GABF notifying them about our impending elections in April because we don’t have much time left now. We must know the actual dates now so that those interested in standing for certain positions to begin work,” Solomon Otoo Lartey requested.

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