Regional News of 2014-02-01

11-year-old installed chief linguist

An 11-year-old primary four pupil of Adomanu Roman Catholic Primary School has been installed chief linguist at a well-attended ceremony at Adansi Adomanu in the Adansi-North District of Ashanti.

His stool name is Nana Akyina Kwarteng II.

Known in private life as Yaw Kwarteng by his parents and Christian Adjapong by his schoolmates, the new chief linguist succeeded Nana Takyi, who was installed at the age of 14, but passed on a year ago after serving for 38 years as Adomanuhene’s chief linguist.

It was a memorable occasion at the Adomanu palace as a large crowd, made up of chiefs, old men and women and schoolchildren, witnessed the teenager swearing the oath of allegiance to the Adomanuhene, Nana Asirifi Asare II.

Nana Asirifi Asare advised the new chief linguist to take keen interest in his education, as well as his “ new position as chief linguist”.

The Adomanuhene stressed that “at your tender age, you should not take pride in your traditional position to the neglect of your academic pursuit”.

Nana Asirifi Asare gave the fullest assurance that Nananom would join hands with his parents to sponsor his education to the height that he wanted to reach.

He, however, warned Nana Akyina Kwarteng II not to be following any sub chief to a function of which he was not aware because “you are my chief linguist and not to any sub chief”.

Nana Akyina Kwarteng II in a short message thanked the traditional leaders for the honour done him and pledged to serve the chiefs and people with devotion.

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