Business News of 2014-02-03

CIMA president visits Multisoft Solutions

The President of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Mr Furber, says there is a huge responsibility on CIMA professionals to make value-adding contributions to their various organisations.

He said the unique training of CIMA professionals placed an onerous task on them to make their impact felt wherever they found themselves.

Mr Furber was speaking to journalists shortly after he visited the offices of Multisoft Solutions last Thursday as part of his visit to Ghana. He said worldwide businesses were looking for opportunities to add value to their businesses and CIMA professionals were in a better position to provide the value needed.

Mr Furber said his visit to Multisoft Solutions was based on the firm’s contribution to the advancement of management accountancy training in Ghana.

The company, he said, had developed a novel way of training CIMA professionals who were marketable, and asked the management of the company to continue with the good work.

The Chief Executive Officer of MultiSoft Solutions and member of the institute, Mr Justice Lartey, said “Our team of consultants are carefully selected from the CIMA fraternity and are adequately resourced with Management Accounting and Information Technology skills."

"As an accounting systems solution provider, we appreciate the difficulty of small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) in recruitment, training and the retention of decision-supportive accountants," he said

He disclosed that the firm currently employed 18 trainee management accountants and had also assisted in the training and placement of over 60 trainee accountants through its Practical Accounting Training Programme.

Mr Lartey said his outfit would continue to extend its products and services to businesses that sought a one-stop-shop solutions to their accounting and Information Technology problems.

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