Diasporian News of 2014-02-04

Adisadel Old Boys' Association – North America (AOBA)

Contact: Mr. Kojo Ocran, President FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Email: kojoocran@hotmail.com OFFICIAL AOBA STATEMENT ON RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AT ADISADEL COLLEGE, CAPE COAST It has come to the attention of the Adisadel Old Boys' Association – North America (AOBA) that a number of allegations are being made about matters concerning our Alma Mater. It is our opinion that the manner in which these allegations are handled will reflect the levels of probity and accountability advocated and practiced by the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, the Anglican Church, Board of Governors and PTA of Adisadel College. It is also in these times that character and conduct are tested, and integrity is either given a seat at the table of governance or shown the door. AOBA is confident that all the stakeholders will rise to this occasion and get to the bottom of this matter. Today, it is Adisadel College; tomorrow, it could be another great institution in our Motherland. We demand accountability and probity from every individual and group that represents Adisadel College. In the pursuit of truth and justice, we ask for diligent investigations into all allegations made, and recommend that any person(s) found to be culpable should be appropriately sanctioned to serve as a deterrent. However, if no one is found culpable, we also expect the necessary apologies to be rendered to person(s) unjustly accused. Ultimately, what we seek are concrete answers and solutions. This is our chance to set precedents, as we have always done, in such matters. We must not fail those who have vested their trust and hopes in us. Adisadel College, built upon ideals of excellence and self-reliance, is an enduring image of a self-cleansing community. Throughout our history, we have rallied to the rescue of our Alma Mater whenever threats rose from within and without. We ask that, in these times, the image and legacy of our Alma Mater be kept intact. Adisadel College is bigger than any individual or group of people. It is an integral part of our identity. It is an educational gemstone for Ghana. We intend to keep it so. Signed AOBA's (North America) Executive TeamSource: AOBA
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