Business News of 2014-02-04

Safeway Group introduces new tech in fish farming

The Safeway Group, managers of the South Dayi District Assembly Tilapia Project at Abui in the Volta Region, has introduced a new technology, the high density poly-ethylene (HDPE) cages to increase the production of tilapia to meet the growing demand for fish in Ghana and abroad.
The initiative, according to the project supervisors, was also aimed at enhancing the operations of the enterprise to protect investors’ funds.
According to the Managing Director of the Safeway Group, Mr Jim Forster, the improved HPDE cages were added to the existing poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) production cages to create more room to hold the over three million fingerlings that are produced monthly at the new state-of-the art hatchery at the Abui site of the project.
He dispelled fears about the profitability of tilapia farming, and assured investors that the Safeway Group and its partner, the South Dayi District Assembly had put in place effective measures to effectively run and expand the operation of the South Dayi District Tilapia project.
This, he said, was to protect shareholders’ funds and thus boost public confidence in the project.
He said presently, the project covered a total land area of five acres and water area of three hectares.
The three million fingerlings per month capacity hatchery was built by the Tilapia Services Limited of The Netherlands and a team of technical consultants from India.
PPP initiative
The Operations Director of the Safeway Group, Mr Della Geraldo said, “Our project, which is a public-private-partnership between the Safeway Group and the South Dayi District Assembly is on course and we have always endeavoured to boost investor confidence by involving them directly in our operations”.
He pointed out that every month, investors and other stakeholders were usually invited to the project sites at Abui and Gjakiti in the Volta Region, “To do their own assessment of our activities”.
He said the group had plans to collaborate with the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development to set up a training centre at Abui to offer refresher courses to fish farmers and also run a three-month course for people who wish to start their own farms.
The operations director announced that the Safeway Group would soon begin shrimp farming at Sege and Ada in the Greater Accra Region and Denu in the Volta Region where top quality shrimps would be produced for export.
During a recent visit by the Daily Graphic to the Abui site of the project, it was observed that a new office and residential accommodation facilities had been built for the technical staff.
A number of people at the Abui area had also been employed to work on the project in line with the district assembly’s employment creation drive. Others were also engaging in trading activities around the project site.
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