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A music promoter makes new songs a hit - Kwame Bee

Host of Cruise Control on Hitz 103.9FM, Kwame Empeh, has noted that although indeed DJ Black has done well in proven and branding himself as Ghana’s number one DJ; he does not deserve to be in the BEST MUSIC PROMOTER OF THE YEAR category as well as Sammy Forson in the pending 2014 Ghana DJ Awards.

According to him, DJ Black does not play new songs released by most already established musicians let alone promote their songs instead he plays already-made hit songs likewise Sammy Forson on their respective shows and even on billed events. “Playing international songs does not deem you fit a music promoter.

“As a promoter, you should play new songs and make them hit and not wait till other DJs have made them hit before you play it unceasingly on your show to try prove that you are a promoter instead play new songs and make them hit!” Kwame Bee defined who a music promoter should be in an interview with GhanaWeb Entertainment Desk.

He further indicated that being the first DJ or presenter to play an international song, does not make one a music promoter since those songs have already been made hit in the various home countries of these musicians way before reaching down here.

“Basically, being a music promoter is not about playing international Hip hop and RnB songs whiles leaving songs released in your homeland and wait until the songs become hit before you start playing it on your radio show, club or at open events. Monitor DJ Black and Sammy Forson’s show to hear if they will play any new local song on their shows”, he declared.

Source: Ama Larbie
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