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Ashie-Moore answers critics

The Member of Parliament for the Adentan Constituency, Emmanuel Nii Ashie-Moore appears to be fed up with the way certain persons are working against his simple mission to develop the area.

In the past few weeks, the MP has been under constant attack from a group calling themselves Concerned Citizens of Adenta, as having failed as an MP.

But Ashie-Moore in a strong worded statement has described those allegations are baseless, palpable falsehood and a calculated attempt by these unscrupulous people to tarnish my hard earned reputation.

According to the MP, there are records to indicate that he has worked and delivered as the MP for the Adentan area.

“What I can say to that is either this so called group do not live in the constituency or they are refusing to see nor hear about the developments that are springing up in the constituency which most of them are my own initiatives,” he said.

He said: “We promised the people of Adentan massive development and I, being the peoples’ representative, will be the last person to deny the very same people whom I am working assiduously to improve their socio-economical well-being.”

He said the so-called group who know nothing or little about the functions of the General Assembly Body of the Adentan Municipal Assembly (AdMA) did mention in their statement that the Assembly Members had annulled two private projects (the Adjiringanor cemetery and Aviation projects) which to them was a ‘manna’ from heaven, hence we should all swallow it without questioning. No, that is not how the assembly operates.

“Inasmuch as we are yearning for development in Adentan, every single developmental project, programmes or documents that come to the floor of the house should be well scrutinized to serve the best interest of the masses and not the few privileged ones. The handlers of those two private projects have more answers and explanations to give to the good people of Adentan Municipality, especially the affected communities. For example, what provisions did they make to resettle the occupants of the aviation land? Let us not forget that the majority of them acquired the land from the custodians (Chiefs) legally,” he said.

According to him, in the case of the Aviation land project, the Assembly in its last sitting decided to halt the proposed business centre project to enable members and consultants to meet and finalize the proposal which would be a win–win situation for all.

“What this group fails to understand is that development is not all about putting up high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and shops for the affluent. The priorities of the people of Adentan are schools, hospitals, affordable low cost houses, potable water etc. The well-being of the masses should be our uttermost priority,” he said.

Mr. Ashie-Moore said NDC is for the masses- hairdressers, carpenters, masons, mechanics, dressmakers and the petty traders who are working on the aviation land to make a living to support themselves and their families are those we should find a way to build their capacity to become more useful to the society.

Cataloguing his achievements in one year, he said that under education alone, he has paid school fees amounting to Ghc15,000.00, supported some schools to the tune of Ghc2,000, provided floor tiles and ceiling to St Francis School at the cost of Ghc,500, paid the salary of the security man at the Adentan Kindergarten for a year. Under Health, he said he has spent over Ghc4,500 on medical bills and have registered more than 200 children under the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

On the provision of better roads and bridges, he said Ghc6,830 has been spent so far, and sponsored the 2013 best teacher worker awards with Ghc10,900.

The New Legon (Nsou nano) bridge which is under construction while sand has been procured for Commando and New Legon linkage at the cost of Ghc320.00, adding road signs have provided at the cost of Ghc2000 and grading of some roads within the constituency namely: Commandos, Frafraha, Asheyei, Borga’s Inn among others are on-going.

To beef up security in the constituency, the MP said provision of street lights to some communities including Okpoti kopie, Amrahia New town, repairs and fixing of street lights at nana krom and its environs has been done at a huge cost.

“Installation of CCTV and internet access for the Adenta Police Headquarters, Fire Service Office, Shopping Mall centre, SSNIT Clinic and its surroundings at a cost of Ghc22,000.00 while a motor bike for Adentan Police Station cost of Ghc1500.00

“As an MP, I sponsored the first ever municipal police get-together and best personnel awards and provided the Sraha Police Post with three office desk & chairs, 1 poly tank and 5 sign posts at the cost of Ghc5000.00,” he added

“With the people at the centre of activities, I have spent over Ghc10,000.00 as funeral donations, supported Amrahia Presby Church with 50 bags of cement, Adenta C. A. C. with 50 bags of cement, cash donations among others,” he said.

He said: “Donations of assorted items to Chiefs during the Homowo festivals were done at Ghc1500.00 while assorted items were offered to Muslim communities during their fasting session, food vendors were provided with 200 silver bowls at Ghc5,000 and some amount offered to some 10 women as start up capital.”

On his immediate plans, he said he will rehabilitate some old and weak school buildings, including Sowa Din Memorial Cluster of Schools, Bethel Presby Kg- Otanor, Holy Rosary R/C Basic School, adentan Community Primary & JHS, and Amrahia AdMA Primary school, provide learning and teaching materials to improve the standard of education and construct new blocks to increase in-take and reduce congestion in our classrooms.

“Reconstruction of the bridge behind the light academy, Amrahia new town bridge (baron down) and upgrade and construct all un-motorable roads in the area will be priority next year,” he said.

On health, Ashie-Moore said he will help to establish more chip zones, provide medical equipments to beef-up existing ones and set up an ambulance post.

“I will liaise with the appropriate departments and agencies to ensure regular flow of potable water to most homes with 40,000 gallons of potable water daily by the end of 2014,” he said

“As security is crucial, logistical support to the Municipal Police Command for effective policing as well as repairs and installation of street lights will be done,” he said.

Mr. Ashie-Moore said cataloguing of what he has done for the area was not his style but would not sit aloof for some faceless persons to toy with his achievements.

Source: The Enquirer
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