General News of 2014-02-07

NPP should chase other debtors of Merbank if...- Minister

A Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Sampson Ahi has challenged Merchant Bank Ghana to pursue the other companies and individuals who still owe it huge sums of money.

Mr. Ahi’s comment come days after the bank’s biggest debtors, Engineers and Planners (E&P) settled its indebtedness.

After the bank’s takeover by Fortiz Equity, the new management vowed to pursue its debtors to pay back loans acquired from the bank.

A Fast Track High Court has also ruled that Merchant bank should auction off the assets of Myroc Food Processing Company Limited to settle the company’s debt as it is listed as the second highest debtor of the bank.

Accusing Minority Members of Parliament (MPs) of hypocrisy, Mr. Ahi charged the NPP in Parliament to exert the same effort in the E&P case to get the other debtors to pay up.

He charged them not to be silent about the fact that the brother of the President, Ibrahim Mahama who is also the owner of E&P has settled its debt with the bank since they made noise about E&P’s blatant refusal to pay off its debt.

“I am sure the Minority is aware that it is not only Ibrahim Mahama who owes Merchant Bank but others too. They should pursue them with the same vigor they employed to ensure Ibrahim Mahama settles his debt,” he said.

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