Crime & Punishment of 2014-02-08

Thieves raid Pig farm

Residents of Pig farm, a suburb of Accra, are living in a state of insecurity as a result of the invasion of their homes by thieves.

There are reported cases of daylight thievery in the area and nobody is spared.

The thieves break into homes and also smash the windscreens of private cars at night.

This has become widespread, especially in the vicinity where Abedi Pele’s Nania Club Secretariat is located.

One of the victims, Mr. Emmanuel Fifi Dagadu who was attacked on Wednesday, February 5, narrated his ordeal to Citi News saying, “We had light out yesterday, so I went to bed early and I switched on the light and apparently the light came back again, but I was still asleep; I got awoken by strange noises in the yard so I got out of my bedroom and realized that the wire mesh had been cut and four louver blades had been removed with my main door left ajar.”

He continued, “I laid ambush and waited for more of the sounds that awoke me and I realized that they were upstairs, cutting the mesh wire just as they had done to me; so I shouted who is there and there was some quiet and they descended and runaway.”

According to Mr. Dagadu, the thieves picked his Bible encased in a leather and thought it was a laptop but dropped it after detecting the content.

He said the issue has been reported to the police and he has since requested for a licensed gun to defend himself.

Apart from the theft cases, residents of the area have also raised concerns about 'wee' smoking. This has necessitated calls for police patrols in Pig farm to protect residents there.

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