Boxing News of 2014-02-08

Amateur boxing is not Ray Quarcoo’s property

Greater Accra Amateur Boxing Association (GAABA) Organiser, Solomon Otoo is once again at the throat of Ghana Amateur Boxing Federation (GABF) President, Ambassador Ray Quarcoo demanding that he step down from his post for a more competent person to take charge.

According to Otoo, the constitution of GABF states that Mr. Quarcoo’s 4-year term of office must end on April 14, 2014 meaning GABF must go to elections before the April 14 to elect new executives including the President. He is adamant that Ray Quarcoo cannot continue in office because the sport at amateur level has so dwindled under his stewardship.

“Ray Quarcoo is virtually a dictator because he does what he likes without consulting anyone. Vice Chairman doesn’t know what is going on, treasurer doesn’t know anything, and even the secretary he has relegated to the background and chosen his own secretary doing what he likes.

“He’s not caring for example Habib Mohammed who is currently the national Super Middleweight champion got an accident on the way to national team training when he was an amateur boxer nearly two years ago. The boxer spent two months in hospital but Ray Quarcoo as chairman never visited him even once,” Otoo said.

“Again, even allowance that boxers always got for transport and other basic needs, he has not been paying but now that he has heard that Commonwealth Games is in the pipeline that he will get money, he has shared GH?100 each and drinks to the boxers,” Solomon Otoo added. The GAABA Organiser continued: “We have people who can do the job of amateur boxing very well. People like Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, Gideon Quartey can take the amateur boxing to a very high level. I am appealing to everybody in Ghana boxing that we should come together and kick Ray Quarcoo out.”

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