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Jon Germain calls CK Morgan a ‘fraudster’

Musician cum TV host Jon Germain is accusing German born Ghanaian and American singer who doubles as a rapper, CK Morgan for an alleged fraud.

According to Nanayaw18.com, there was an agreement between Jon Germain and the rapper to collaborate on a new song but after the ‘Allo Tigo’ host sent him his part of the collabo, Morgan never fulfilled his side of the contract.

The alleged fraudster CK Morgan according to Jon Germain approached him for a music collaboration of which Jon agreed.

After putting the song together and sending it to this acclaimed singer based in UK upon agreed arrangements, he never got back to either Jon or his management team for almost two months.

Jon said: “after the long absence, this CK Morgan comes back to me on a voice note telling me that his unidentified and unrecognized record label says they would want me to revisit my verse on the song.”

“Amazing isn’t it, this guy has gone contrary to the agreement for the collaboration, never got back to my manager on any day and just appears from nowhere to tell me to re-do my verse of the song”, Jon further on added.

Jon explains that he rejected to go on with the collaboration stating categorically that he wants his voice off the song because the interest is no more.

Unfortunately for Jon, he did not delete his voice off the song but has even gone ahead to release a not mastered and mixed song for free download.

In his professional mood, Jon tried to reach the guy on phone asking him his reasons for unleashing an unfinished song, but CK Morgan threaten Jon telling him not to call or reach him again then he hangs up.

Information from the camp of Jon Germain reveals that CK Morgan has done similar thing to song writer Akwaboah and many more.

“After acting rude to you on phone, he creates a lot of twitter accounts to insult you, your products and management”, Jon maintained.

He finally noted that, “he (CK Morgan) does not have permission to put out a song without the other person’s approval.”

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Source: Nanayaw18.com
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