General News of 2014-02-12

Kwaku Bonsam invokes curses on Anita Desooso...

Spiritualist, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, has invoked strong curses on the National Women's Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) who also doubles as the deputy NADMO coordinator, Madam Anita Desooso, for attributing the depreciation of the Ghana cedi to the activities of dwarfs and deities.

Any other politician who has stolen more than 20.000 Ghana cedis from government coffers will suffer from the wrath and the curse of the gods, he vehemently added.

According to him, the dwarfs are not responsible for the depreciation of the local currency - it is the corrupt activities of the politicians in the country. That is what the government should be committed to curbing rather than trying to attribute the free fall of the cedi to the activities of dwarfs and other deities.

Speaking to Hello FM's King Edward Wednesday, he warned that his spiritual god, 'kofi oo kofi' will strike anybody who steals from government coffers with hypertension, pot belly and other serious and strange diseases.

I am damn serious about this - if they cannot fix their own problems, they should not blame my dwarfs.

Asked how the dwarfs are able to magically conjure money, he noted that it is nobody's businesses to find out how the dwarfs make their money; it still remains a mystery, but nobody should blame dwarfs for the depreciation of the Ghana cedi.

The controversial 51 million Ghana cedi judgment debt money doled out to Alfred Woyome cannot even match up to all the monies that the dwarfs have conjured, he noted.

Madam Anita Desooso recently blamed the free fall of the cedi on the clandestine activities of dwarfs and voodoo.

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