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Stop alcoholism/smoking to prevent prostate cancer - Dr Dogbatsey

Dr De-Gaulle Moses Dogbatsey, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Medi-Moses Prostate Foundation, has urged Ghanaians, especially men to avoid alcoholism and smoking to prevent prostate problems at old age.
They should also eat meat in moderation, but rather take in a lot of fruits, as well as greens such as cabbage, kontomire and carrots.
Dr Dogbatsey, who is a specialist in prostate cancer treatment, gave the advice in an interview with Ghana News Agency on Wednesday at his facility near Adenta Barrier in Accra.
He said men should start going for prostate examination after 30 years and onwards for early detection and treatment of the ailment and make it a must to go for re-examination every six months.
Dr Dogbatsey explained that prostate symptoms begun with men frequently urinating, serious strain during urinating while the urine drips leaving the lot, that caused the enlargement of the gland.
He said if the problem went on untreated the patience would end up being operated upon and a tube is inserted for the passage of urine.
Dr Dogbatsey said prostate condition had been a major problem with men who were on pension and the old who at that stage have little money to cater for themselves.
“The elderly and the retirees silently suffer with the prostate because they do not have money. I therefore established this Foundation to assist them. We had been moving to churches and companies to create awareness and offer free screening on the sickness,” he said.
The CEO said the facility was not only into treatment of prostate conditions, but general healthcare delivery to men, women and children and had won international, continental and national awards since the centre was established in 2010.
Source: GNA
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