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DEATH THREATS - Over Ghana Music week

What started as a mere quarrel between the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and Mad Time Entertainment on who has legal right to organize the Ghana Music Week (GMW) Festival, is getting out of hand as Fennec Okyere reports he has started receiving death threats.

“I have received calls from people who threaten me with death and ask me why I am worrying Obour over this Ghana Music Week thing and whether I do not know this is big money business,” Fennec, told NEWS-ONE and said he was on his way to get the police involved.

“I know how to go about taking care of my security; and I am not taking chances at all. I have to report the threats to the police because we are all in this industry and I hear a lot of things,” Fennec added.

Fennec Okyere, manager of Kwaw Kese, a music maestro, insists MUSIGA is perpetuating an illegality by organizing the Ghana Music Week Festival and even soliciting for sponsorship for the event when the Union is aware it does not own the brand name or franchise.

“We have incorporated the name Ghana Music Week as our company name and we have also registered Ghana Music Week Festival as our product. Kwaw Kese and I are 50-50 owners of the company and we have all the legal backing to prove it…

“Obour, myself and Kwaw were all summoned to the Registrar- General’s Department and they were told by the arbitrator there that MUSIGA cannot use the name GMW. He further told them that if they wanted to use the name, they had to negotiate with us first. But for some reason, they are now calling it GMW Festival. What does the GMW mean?” he queried, adding that he had not given MUSIGA permission to use the brand name under any condition.


MUSIGA has however, responded that though what the Union organized in 2013 was known as Ghana Music Week, the name of the event this year has been changed to GMW Festival because Fennec and Kwaw have registered the brand name and have the certificate for it. Interestingly, MUSIGA has not been able to say what the initials “GMW” mean, though it explained that this year’s event would have the same content and aim just as the Ghana Music Week the Union organized last year.


Indications are that the tussle may finally end up in court if a truce is not reached.

It is also curious that MUSIGA, without registering the Ghana Music Week it organized last year, was able to convince sponsors to pump money into the event.

As it stands now, all stakeholders are waiting for MUSIGA to come clear on the meaning of “GMW” and how the courts would arbitrate the dispute.


Source: Halifax Ansah-Addo
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